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Your company in Japan

Maruku Consulting is a Tokyo based company which purpose is to support foreign companies settling or already running in Japan. From a simple project to the creation of your company, its marketing, communication and more, we're helping you in each step to run your company smoothly. Running a business in Japan is an exciting challenge and we're looking to help foreigners to succeed on this market.



Your company is looking for a market research? You're researching local partners to develop your business? Or maybe you want to test if consumers are interested by your product and wish to participate to an exhibition? Let us hear about your needs and we'll be there to help you with our knowledge and our business network.

Market Research

Does your project has potential in Japan? Our market research will help you get a better understanding of Japanese Market, its opportunities, risks and competitors. We also provide consumer research and can organize your participation in professional events (seminary, exhibitions, etc.).

Business Matching

We use our professional network to introduce you potential commercial partners. We organize your meetings and give you an interpret (English/Japanese, French/Japanese) if needed to better understand your future local partners.

Communication & Marketing

We provide a wide range of service of communication and marketing: website creation in Japanese, communication plan for your advertising, etc. To be sure that your communication matches with the Japanese market, we're working with Japanese developers, designers and marketers.

Office Research

With our Real-Estate partner LIVMO, we provide you an access to every available kind of office from an empty open space to a fully furnished office. We also help you find which places would fit your business depending on your activity and your budget. Don't lose time, we will find what you need.

Staff Recruitment

Your company's success also depends of the quality of your staff. We help you write your job offers. If you don't know what is the average salary for a kind of occupation, we will provide you real market datas to be able to define your HR strategy. We're working with various recruitment companies that will be able to find the team that you need.

VISA Application

To get your Investor or Manager VISA, it's better to use the services of a notary or a lawyer. We will provide you a trustful partner to make your application and will follow up until you get the result of your examination. Obtaining a VISA in Japan could require from 5 weeks to 3 months.